Collection Limoges

French artist , she growed up with all the french rules relative to the Art of the table. What is eating? Happiness, Sharing and Love Our belly is the origin of our thought. Our plate is where we put the offering. Each detail is important, each piece means a truth, each symbol was made by Love. Today is not anymore question of Manner but of Behavior. Hand to hand collaboration with the Limoges Industry, a major French house since the 18th century. The process of creation, the choice of porcelain, the drawings made by hand, the decorations placed one by one by hand and the firings were all produced and supervised by Dit Cheyenne. Which makes them all unique pieces.

The choice of the artist and she always stand for it : Each collection i am making have 108 pieces. Not 107 or 109 , but 108 pieces.
Why the porcelain collection contained a total of 108 pieces ? Because of the Buddhist Mala :
108 is the number of the time of a meditation, where one repeats 108 times the same mantra.
108 is also 9 x 12 : the number 12 symbol of the flow of time, the number 9 symbol of altruism, compassion and knowledge. Some say that the number 108 has the power to heal.

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